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Flying Dutchman

Swing up 24m high in a pirate ship

Don't miss this fabulous attraction when you're at the Old-Time Fun Fair. Once aboard the pirate ship the rough seas of the world's oceans will shake and swing you 24m up into the air, back and forth. Beware of seasickness!
Information about the Ride Attraction:
  • Safety notes
    • alonefrom 8 years of age
    • accompaniment requiredup to 7 years of age
    • For Disabled Guests

      Special wheelchair access is available

    • Other notes

      Please note: As long as you observe all other TÜV safety regulations, it is up to you and your courage what rides you and your children dare get on.

      The use of our ride attractions by adults is not generally subject to any size and weight restrictions. However, it must be possible to close all safety lap bars and other safety devices properly and as required.

    • Forbidden:

      Bring along umbrellas, walking sticks or other sharp implements.

      Loose items such as bags, backpacks, etc.

      Wearing eyeglasses or other loose articles.

  • The Attraction at a Glance
      • Outdoor
      • Baby Switch
      • For Disabled Guests
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