Pow Wow

Adventure Land

A dance around the totem pole. Hold on tight if the jugs suddenly go mad. Thoroughly shaken and stirred well!

Pow Wow is the name of a traditional folk dance in North America which sees dancers moving in a circle to a special rhythm. This ride attraction was named after it. 12 gondolas, modelled after Native American clay jugs, accommodate a family of five. They whirl you around gently yet fast and take you on an exciting ride on three platforms, each rotating at different speeds, spinning around a totem pole on top of which sits a giant eagle. You can even set your own speed: just spin the handwheel in the centre of your gondola to increase or reduce the pace! Like many other attractions at HANSA-PARK, the Pow Wow is roofed so the whole family can enjoy it in any weather conditions.

  • Indoor or roofed
  • For disabled guests


Children alone
8 years
Accompanied by an adult
up to
7 years

For guests with handicap

  • Special wheelchair access is available.

Other notes

  • Please note: As long as you observe all other TÜV safety regulations, it is up to you and your courage what rides you and your children dare get on.

  • The use of our ride attractions by adults is not generally subject to any size and weight restrictions. However, it must be possible to close all safety lap bars and other safety devices properly and as required.


  • Loose items such as bags, backpacks, etc.

  • Bring along umbrellas, walking sticks or other sharp implements.