Racing Roland

Thrill Rides

Every roller coaster started off small... Our Roland stayed small, but it lacks for nothing!

The Racing Roland dune express, a cute family coaster, races through high-speed super roller coaster Nessie’s sky-high giant loop. You’ll find this attraction in the middle of a dune landscape set around a lake and an 18m high lighthouse. The funky sound of an American Dixie Band and splashing water fountains give the place a want-to-return atmosphere.

  • Outdoor
  • Baby Switch


Welle mit Kogge

Numbers, Data, Facts

Height 16 m
Length 522 m
Manufacturer Vekoma
Model Junior Coaster
Seats overall 20
Seats per unit 20
Speed 50 km/h
Year of construction 1993
Children alone
10 years
Accompanied by an adult
up to
9 years

For guests with handicap

  • The German TÜV does not allow disabled visitors to ride on the attraction if the guest cannot leave the ride without assistance.

Other notes

  • Please note: As long as you observe all other TÜV safety regulations, it is up to you and your courage what rides you and your children dare get on.

  • The use of our ride attractions by adults is not generally subject to any size and weight restrictions. However, it must be possible to close all safety lap bars and other safety devices properly and as required.


  • Wearing eyeglasses or other loose articles.

  • Loose items such as bags, backpacks, etc.

  • Bring along umbrellas, walking sticks or other sharp implements.