Midgard Serpent Souvenir Shop

Land of the Vikings

At the exit of our Midgard Serpent you’ll find our souvenir shop named EinarLei, where you cannot only get a personalised souvenir - a photograph of your ride on the Midgard Serpent - but the shop also offers a wide variety of great souvenirs from the legendary world of the Vikings.

Be it helmets, axes, swords or shields - our EVA foam toy collection in the design of the Midgard Serpent leaves nothing to be desired.

Or get a Midgard Serpent T-shirt. The shop carries all sizes, for adults and children.

  • Sweets
  • ice-cream
  • Drinks
  • Souvenirs
  • Postcards/ stamps
  • Clothing
  • Rain coats & umbrellas
  • On-ride photos