HANSA Carousel


Each round takes children to another level of happiness. The Hansa is back - 36 pictures show scenes of the most important Hanseatic cities. An album that brings Hanseatic history to life.

Seating more than 40 riders, featuring 24 horses moving up and down - all endowed with real horse hair tails and leather horse's harnesses - and a carriage that moves along with the carousel like the horse's, this merry-go-round can also be driven manually.
Though designed based on 18th century models, the magnificent carousel is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. In the evening it is a real eye catcher when it shines brightly with the fairy light created by over 1,000 light bulbs. But HANSA-PARK wouldn't be HANSA-PARK if this jewel of a merry-go-round didn't feature something very special to make it globally unique.

36 pictures adorn the inside walls of the carousel, which show typical scenes of the most important Hanseatic cities with their trading and townhouses as well as merchant offices [kontors] from the 14th, 15th and 16th century. The hand-painted pictures were chosen by the mayors of the cities depicted on them - a proud 'yes' to the cities' common history. "The Hansa is on the move again" - a befitting statement when you watch the carousel doing its rounds.

  • Indoor or roofed
  • For disabled guests


safety instructions

Carrousel ride.

Children alone
from 4 years
Accompanied by an adult
up to 3 years
  • Children up to 3 years must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Due to the nature of the experience you should be in good health and of sufficiently strong muscles.

    The following persons are not permitted on the ride :

  • Persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs or psychopharmaceuticals.

  • Sit calmly and upright during the ride and hold on to handles.

  • Clothing and footwear required.

  • No umbrellas, (walking) sticks, sharp or bulky objects.

  • Exit after every ride.

  • No food nor drink.

  • No animals.

  • No smoking.

  • The entire site is monitored by cameras.

  • Before you use the attraction, please note the ride description, safety warnings, possible access restrictions and how to behave in a safe manner posted at the entrance to the attraction.