Pirate Baptism

Land of the Vikings

Who wouldn’t want to be a pirate? To be a true pirate, though, a proper pirate baptism is a must! Are you in for some refreshment?

  • Outdoor
  • Watch out here - you may get wet


safety instructions

Interactiv walk through with water-elements. Use at own risk.

  • The following persons are not permitted: Persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs or psychopharmaceuticals

  • Clothing and footwear required.

  • No umbrellas, (walking) sticks, sharp or bulky objects.

  • Cameras, mobile phones, keys and other loose items are to be stowed away safely. HANSA-PARK accepts no responsibility
    for items that are set aside or taken into the attraction.

  • Climbing not permitted.

  • Warning: Risk of getting wet! - No liability accepted for water damage.

  • No food nor drink.

  • No animals.

  • No smoking.

  • The entire site is monitored by cameras.

  • Children are to be supervised at all times.

  • Before you use the attraction, please note the ride description, safety warnings, possible access restrictions and how to behave in a safe manner posted at the entrance to the attraction.