The Navajo Trail High-Rope Garden

Adventure Land

The Navajo Trail high-rope garden and obstacle course will challenge you with more than 25 skill exercises you won't find in any other high-rope garden. The entire facility has been designed with a Mexican flair; the obstacle route is a total of 200m long and up to 10m high.

Special features of the high-rope garden:

  • A new, patented safety system
  • No safety hooks have to be put on when changing to a new exercise. Very high safety standards as the high-rope garden cannot be exited anywhere.
  • No safety helmet required
  • Minimum height is 1.10m only because special child safety belts are used
  • Leads across water
  • Can also be used in rainy weather as it is covered
  • Can also be used when it's dark as all route sections are lighted
  • No additional costs (included in the normal entrance fee)
  • Biggest safety belt sizes available:
    • Belly circumference: max. 140 cm
    • Leg circumference: max. 80 cm
    • Upper body, from belly to shoulder: max. 90 cm
  • Indoor or roofed


Children alone
8 years
· min.
110 cm
Accompanied by an adult
up to
7 years
· min.
110 cm

For guests with handicap

  • Using the attraction requires a certain degree of physical fitness and skills. Only fit persons, physically able to meet the attraction’s demands are permitted to use it.

Other notes

  • Please note: As long as you observe all other TÜV safety regulations, it is up to you and your courage what rides you and your children dare get on.


  • Do not bring along valuables. Earrings, spectacles and other loose objects must be taken off prior to putting on the safety equipment.

  • Use of the attraction with loose or unsuitable footwear.