The Bell

The Realms of the North

When the hour strikes gather your courage and brace for the swing into nothingness. Challenging. Smashing.

The bell’s total weight of more than 80 tonnes sends you high up into the air, swinging back and forth up to a maximum of 120º at a speed of up to 70km/h. The special thrill: the daring riders in the mighty bell hang freely at the clapper which, on top, rotates around its own axis...

  • Outdoor
  • Baby Switch
  • Wi-Fi

Pictures & Videos

Children alone
125 cm
Accompanied by an adult
125 cm

Other notes

  • Before you use the attraction, please note the ride description, safety warnings, possible access restrictions and how to behave in a safe manner posted at the entrance to the attraction.

  • Suitable for persons not taller than 1.90m.

  • The use of our ride attractions by adults is not generally subject to any size and weight restrictions. However, it must be possible to close all safety lap bars and other safety devices properly and as required.