Glutenfreie Speisen

Food Allergies

Don't worry, eat happy with our allergy-friendly meals

If you would like to know more about allergens and food additives that must be declared on packaging, please approach our hospitality staff.

Gluten-free Meals at HANSA-PARK

At our Weltumsegler restaurant, Pizzeria L´Artista and Saloon Last Chance  the menus include three gluten-free main dishes that also are lactose-free.

  • Mediterranean Mezzelune pan   € 9.90
  • Rigatoni cheese casserole  € 9.90

Enjoy a gluten-free breakfast with Sunday rolls:

  •    Sunday rolls € 1.50


And for those with a sweet tooth: In the afternoon our Hanse Café and Weltumsegler restaurant offer gluten-free cakes and biscuits:

  •    Chocolate fresh-cream cake € 2.90
  •    Vanilla biscuits € 3.90

Popcorn & French Fries

Not all popcorn offered at the popcorn stall next to the Saloon "Last Chance" is gluten-free as the non-gluten-free types may contaminate the popcorn that actually is gluten-free. But fear not! Just go to the "Mandelkutsche" [almond Carriage] at the Old-Time Fun Fair where you can get "worry-free" popcorn.

At the following snack stops and refreshment kiosks you can get French fries that are cooked in a separate deep fat fryer which is not used for other products. There will be no risk of cross-contamination:

Enjoy your meal!