Fondaco dei Tedeschi


German merchants first had to present their goods at the “Fondaco dei Tedeschi”, a trading base of German merchants in Venice, and were only allowed to sell them under the supervision of the powerful city that once dominated a large part of the Mediterranean Sea.

The new indoor attraction offers exciting join-in fun, two spine-tingling free-fall slides and a huge softball shooting area with 16 cannons.

You need a break in between all the playing and romping about? Visit the café bar and relax with a cappuccino and home-made cakes. If you prefer to chill out and surf the web, you’ll sure find a place in our new lounge that offers free Wi-Fi.

  • Indoor or roofed
  • Wi-Fi


safety instructions

Children alone
from 6 years
Accompanied by an adult
from 6 years
  • Before you use the attraction, please note the ride description, safety warnings, possible access restrictions and how to behave in a safe manner posted at the entrance to the attraction.

  • Eltern übernehmen die Aufsichtspflicht und leisten den Kindern Hilfestellung.