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Press Releases

Here you’ll find the latest press releases about the ongoing HANSA-PARK season.

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HANSA-PARK at a Glance
Inauguration: 15 May 1977
Location: Germany’s only event and theme park by the sea
situated in the community of Sierksdorf by the Baltic Sea,
30 km north of the world heritage site of Lübeck
Total area: about 460,000 square metres
Roofed area: about 17,000 square metres
Konzept: Maritime-themed event park, embedded in the coastal landscape, featuring various themed areas with attractions and shows.
Car parks: 5,000 private car parking spaces; fee required
100 complimentary coach parking bays
100 hard-surfaced caravan and mobile home parking spaces; fee required
Development: May 1973: Opening of the family park "Legoland"

May 1977: Opening of the theme park "Hansaland"

1987: Hansaland becomes HANSA-PARK

1997: 20-year anniversary and biggest expansion in the history of the Park

2000: Launch of the "Rio Dorado" - the only river rafting ride in Germany

2002: 25-year anniversary with numerous new attractions such as Space Scooters and the Parade of Lights by the sea, unique in North Germany

2004: Opening of the North's top family attractions: PandaVision and the unrivalled Cosmic Coaster
Numerous new themed events

2005: Launch of the then highest flying carousel in the world

2006: Opening of the first high-rope garden at a leisure park that features an innovative technique

2007: Opening of the first construction phase of the HANSA-PARK Resort by the Sea - a first such resort in Germany

2008: Inauguration of the "Holstentor" - the first construction phase of the planned theme world The HANSEATIC LEAGUE in EUROPE which, in future, will “symbolise” the park’s name

2009: Launch of the Curse of Novgorod - a new mega-coaster that established an entirely new roller coaster category

2010: Completion of the 2nd and 3rd section of the theme world The HANSEATIC LEAGUE in EUROPE

2011: Official opening of the family coaster, the Midgard Serpent
Completion of the 4th section of the theme world The HANSEATIC LEAGUE in EUROPE

2012: Completion of the 5th section of the theme world The HANSEATIC LEAGUE in EUROPE

2013: Completion of the 6th section of the theme world The HANSEATIC LEAGUE in EUROPE

Opening of the Fondaco dei Tedeschi, an indoor playland

Launch of the hypercoaster The Oath of KÄRNAN – Beware of its Spell

Opening of the HANSA Swing Ride

Opening of the children’s roller coaster “The Little Tsar”
Number of Employees: Up to 800 people during the season
Number of Visitors: 1,4 Millions (2016)
Repeat Visitors: ca. 83 %
Average Age: about 28 Years
Company and Domicile: HANSA-PARK
Freizeit- und Familienpark
GmbH & Co. KG
Am Fahrenkrog 1
23730 Sierksdorf/Ostsee
Postaddress: Postfach 12 29
23722 Neustadt in Holstein
Management: Christoph Andreas Leicht,
personally liable associate
Telephone: +49 (0) 4563 / 474 - 0
Fax: +49 (0) 4563 / 474 - 100
Infoline: +49 (0) 4563 / 474 - 224
Internet: http://www.hansapark.de
E-Mail: info@hansapark.de