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Park Rules

Kogge und Welle

Look forward to enjoying a fun day out with lots of things to discover at Germany’s only event and family park by the sea. No matter how exciting you may find everything, though, we kindly ask you to show appropriate consideration and care. In particular, please show responsibility for others and comply with the rules of politeness. Please strictly adhere to our subsequent General Terms and Conditions that apply to the entire Park (Park and car parks) and govern your visit to HANSA-PARK.

1. Parking

The German Road Traffic Regulations [Straßenverkehrsordnung (StVO)] apply to our car parks.
To guarantee smooth flow of traffic throughout these parking areas, you must follow the instructions of the car park attendants. Please always park your vehicle within the marking of a parking bay. If you park your vehicle outside of the lines indicated and thus severely obstruct other traffic, we will have your vehicle towed away at your risk and cost. The parking fee is charged for the right to use the parking space provided; we do not guarantee the security of your vehicle and/or its contents. Make sure that when you leave your vehicle all doors, the boot, windows and sliding roof window are closed and no valuables or other items are left in the vehicle in plain sight. Do not to leave any pets or other animals in the car. We cannot be held liable for any damage incurred due to unforeseen or extraordinary events such as, e.g. storm, hail, explosion and fire, and we will not replace cars stolen or damaged by third parties. This does not apply if the damage has been caused wilfully or due to gross negligence by employees of our Park. Compensation will only be paid if you inform our staff of the damage before you leave the car park.

2. Admission

Entry to the Park is permitted to holders of a valid entrance ticket who enter at the visitors’ entrances marked as such. Children under 8 years of age are only permitted to enter the Park if they are accompanied by an adult. Admission tickets must be retained at all times during your stay and submitted for inspection upon request. The day tickets are only valid for one visit in the current season. Once you leave the Park area, your day ticket becomes invalid. Re-entry is possible only upon presentation of a valid hand stamp.
Our entrance prices are all-inclusive and visitors may use all rides in operation, watch all shows and films and visit all themed attractions as often as they please. A charge may apply to some of the offerings. Please check the notice boards in the Park.
The admission price includes VAT. Different discounts cannot be combined.
Selling vouchers, HANSA-PARK entrance tickets or complimentary tickets within the Park or car park is prohibited.

3. General Safety Regulations

It is in your own interest to strictly follow the instructions of HANSA-PARK’s staff and other persons authorised to exercise the domiciliary right such as security personnel.

Guests are required to treat all Park visitors with consideration and respect. Visitors who do not comply with the Park Rules & Regulations, commit public order offences, do not behave properly, interfere with or disturb others, are violent, use abusive or obscene language, and/or wilfully damage attractions and facilities may be ejected from the Park without the right to refund.
We wish to ensure that the Park facilities remain a beautiful place for everyone to enjoy. Visitors are therefore asked not to leave the pathways and squares/sites. Entering marked stage and supply areas is prohibited. Stepping or climbing over cordons, fences and walls is prohibited. Swimming in the lakes is not permitted. You must use the toilets to relieve yourself.

All visitors must wear sensible outer clothes and footwear. HANSA-PARK has the right to escort visitors who wear clothes similar to those of HANSA-PARK’s staff or performers which may lead to mix-ups as well as visitors who wear clothes, facial make-up or have tattoos that may be offensive to other guests, in particular children, from the Park without the right to refund. Wearing masks and/or full-face covers is prohibited.

Eating and drinking on/in the attractions and indoor shows is prohibited.

The fire regulations applicable to the Park must be strictly complied with. In particular guests are not allowed to make fires of any kind.

We strive to be a smoke-free Park. Guests are permitted to smoke in the designated areas only. This also applies to e-cigarettes.

Barbecuing is prohibited throughout the Park. Guests may barbecue at the Trappers’ Camp, however, they must book in advance and use the barbecuing facilities provided by the Park. You cannot bring your own grill and cooking utensils.

Causing unnecessary noise in the Park is prohibited; the volume of music devices must be kept down. It is prohibited to take horns, megaphones or similar objects into or operate them in the Park.

For the safety of all guests skateboarding, inline skating, or using rollers of any kind is prohibited throughout the Park. Taking drones or remote-controlled devices into or operating them in the Park is prohibited.
For reasons of liability guests are not permitted to use powered mobility aids of any kind such as, e.g. electric vehicles or electric wheelchairs as orthopaedic aids, within the Park unless express prior permission in writing has been given by HANSA-PARK.
Bulky and particularly large objects such as, e.g. suitcases, cannot be taken into the Park.

For their own safety persons who wish to visit HANSA-PARK explicitly agree to submit to searches by the Park Security service. Such searches serve to determine if individuals pose a risk to themselves or others because they brought prohibited or dangerous items into the Park or consumed alcohol or illegal substances.

Such consent includes the search of clothing and all kinds of bags/containers brought along.

The possession and carrying of weapons or other dangerous articles (for example pistols, knives, chains, knuckle dusters, fireworks, glass bottles, laser pointers etc.) or other prohibited items (for example alcohol, illegal substances) is prohibited throughout the Park. It is also prohibited to carry, use and hold any kind of racist, xenophobic, anti-constitutional, discriminating or violence-glorifying articles and/or behave in that manner. Security personnel at the Park entrance and in the Park have the right to perform an outer-clothing search and check the bags and belongings of visitors who due to their conduct or other tip-offs are suspected of carrying or holding articles that pursuant to these Park Rules & Regulations are prohibited to be brought into the Park. Such articles may be confiscated. Visitors who refuse to give their consent to undergo an outer clothing search, have their bags and belongings checked, and/or surrender prohibited articles will be refused entry and/or escorted from the Park without any right to a refund.

People who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances or carry prohibited articles or violate the general safety regulations set forth in Clause 3 hereof may be refused admission, banned from entry to or removed from the Park. They are not entitled to a refund, full or partial, of the entrance fee paid.

Dogs are permitted, but they must be on a short lead and supervised at all times. In other respects the Dog Control Ordinance [Hundeverordnung] of the Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein as amended applies. For hygiene reasons dogs will only be admitted to the Park if their owners carry something to clean up after them. No dogs are allowed in the shows, on rides and in specially marked Park areas. No other pets or animals are allowed in the Park.

4. Using the Attractions and Facilities at HANSA-PARK

Guests can use all facilities in operation at the Park (rides, shows, other attractions) during their respective opening times however they must comply with the relevant terms of use (safety instructions). They must adhere to all warning notes/signs and safety regulations posted at the entrance to each attraction as well as any instructions the operating staff may give, and they must use the safety devices provided. Visitors must read all warning notes/signs and the safety regulations, make themselves familiar with the safety devices and assess their own physical condition. Please note that guests who meet all the requirements and safety regulations in principle must decide at their own discretion if the attraction is suitable for them and their particular physical condition. Guests use the rides or attractions at their own risk.

HANSA-PARK has the right to refuse individual guests admission to rides or attractions (e.g. due to height, physique or physical or mental restrictions) to protect their health and for their own safety. Claims for a refund will not be recognised.

The opening times of attractions may deviate from HANSA-PARK’s opening times.

For safety reasons loose items are not permitted on rides. In particular cameras, mobile phones, keys and other loose items that may hit other guests or riders must be taken off/removed or safely stored away before the ride starts. Items such as scarves, loose garments and cloths that may get entangled in wheels or axles thus hurting the person wearing them or even stop ride cars must be removed or suitably secured (in clothing, a hair net or a tight-fitting balaclava) in such a way that they pose no risk. HANSA-PARK cannot check if such loose items are stowed away safely or tightly.

If such items are not taken off or stowed away as described above and in a manner that any person can easily see that they are properly secured, you will not be permitted on the ride for safety reasons. HANSA-PARK takes no responsibility for items lost, deposited somewhere or brought on the attraction.  

For safety reasons filming and taking photos on fast rides is not permitted. The use of GoPros and mobile phone cameras on the ride is prohibited even if chest harnesses, helmet cameras and camera holders of any kind are used. Taking photos on or in the attractions and shows using a flashlight is prohibited.

If you do not comply with the terms of use, safety instructions and operating instructions as well as the instructions of the operating staff, you may be refused admission to the ride/attraction without any right to a refund or claim for compensation. The same applies if you try to jump queue. You will be held liable for any damage caused due to you not observing the instructions of use or warning notes/signs - e.g. damage caused by loose items taken on the ride - or damage caused by vandalism.

You may use the rides, watch the shows and films, and use the other attractions as often as you wish. In order not to be unfair to waiting guests, attractions must be left after each use and re-entered at the respective entrance.

In the event of strong winds, low visibility, thunderstorms and adverse weather conditions we reserve the right to stop the operation of certain rides or attractions for the safety of our visitors. Attractions and rides may have to be closed for technical or organisational reasons or TÜV [German inspection body] inspections and parades and shows may be postponed or cancelled without prior notice. In that case and in the event it is necessary to close the entire Park due to force majeure such as, e.g. power cuts or interruption of the water supply, thunderstorms and/or gales as well as for technical or organisational reasons not caused by the intentional or grossly negligent conduct of the Park no refund or partial refund of the entrance price will be made, no compensation will be paid and the entrance price will not be reduced.
The use of playing equipment, playing areas and other similar facilities is at the user’s own risk. All warning notes/signs and terms of use must be complied with.

5. Duty to Supervise

All parents and group supervisors must take their duty of supervision seriously as HANSA-PARK cannot release them from that obligation. Supervising persons and parents will be held responsible for any damage caused by the persons they are taking care of. Never leave children unattended.

6. Liability

We can only be held liable for damage caused intentionally and/or by gross negligence by our staff. The limitation in liability does not apply in the event of risks to life and limb. We will not be liable for items visitors have brought along, passed to Park employees or left in the Park.

7. Notification of Damage

All facilities in the Park are carefully maintained and monitored. Should you nevertheless suffer damage without any fault on your part, please report the damage to Information prior to leaving the Park. Please also report to Information if you have reason to believe that damage may arise from an incident at a later date. No compensation will be paid for damage that could have been reported earlier, but was reported only after leaving the Park.

8. Advertising and Offering of Goods and Services; Filming and Photographing for Commercial Purposes

Advertising and offering goods and services as well as photographing and filming for commercial purposes within the Park and the Park’s car parks is prohibited unless the Park’s management has agreed to it in writing. This also applies to surveys and counts. The promotion of organisations, associations, pressure groups and one’s own ideas by whatever means within the Park, the car park as well as in the buildings and on rides, etc. is prohibited. Any person in breach of these rules will be removed from the Park, prosecuted under civil law on the grounds of trespassing and charges will be filed with the police.

9. Video Surveillance / Filming and Photographing

As a large place of gathering and entertainment as defined in section 4(1) 2nd sentence number 1 Federal Data Protection Act [BDSG] HANSA-PARK has video surveillance in place throughout the Park. The safety and protection of visitors, employees and the facilities are of utmost importance. The data collected cannot be used to identify persons. The videos will automatically be erased if no incidents are reported. The controller is HANSA-PARK.

HANSA-PARK may carry out photography and/or video recording in the Park. As far as possible, the areas and attractions involved will be designated. Please avoid these areas or talk to one of our staff.

The Wild Water Ride, Curse of Novgorod, Oath of KÄRNAN, Midgard Serpent, Crazy Mine, Little Zsar and Safari Jeeps have on-ride photo facilities which automatically take and store souvenir photos of riders that you can purchase. By using these attractions, you agree to your photo being taken, stored and offered for sale.

Photographing and filming for private purposes is permitted as long as this does not interfere with or disturb other guests. Photographing and filming for commercial purposes is prohibited unless express prior permission in writing has been given by HANSA-PARK.

10. Domiciliary Right

The Park has the right to ban from the Park without any right to a refund any person who violates the Park’s rules and regulations or who is caught inside the Park without a valid entrance ticket. Claims for a refund of the entrance fee, in whole or in part, will not be recognised.  

Have fun at HANSA-PARK!


Sierksdorf, March 28, 2020