Fluch von Novgorod mit Meerblick

HANSA-PARK Press Portfolio

Information compiled for journalists and other interested parties

Click on the button to download the entire press portfolio as PDF document. The press portfolio contains the articles listed below combined in one document. If you require further material, please contact us at presse@hansapark.de.

General Media Information 2017

Kogge und Welle
Entrance Fees in 2017
Children under 4 Free admission
Birthday boys and girls
up to and including 14 years (proof required)
Free admission
Children and Youths
up to and including 14 years
€ 29 per person
Young-at-Heart Guests (60+)
(included in the entrance fee: 1 x coffee & cake)
€ 29 per person
Adults (15 years and above) € 37 per person
Season Ticket unlimited entry to the Park throughout the 2017 season € 80 per person
Child and Youth Groups
Groups of 10 or more paying persons up to and including 17 years* (*up to 18 years of age)
€ 19 per person

Vocational schools, evening schools and youth support services are considered normal groups.

Admission for 2 caretakers is free if they accompany groups of 10 to 20 paying children/youths. For groups of more than 20 paying children/youths, admission is free for 1 caretaker per every additional 10 paying children/youths. Only teaching personnel, legal guardians and parents are considered caretakers. Additional caretakers or children over 18 years of age pay the regular group fee of € 29 per person.

Adult Groups of 20 or more paying persons € 29 per person

You will find more information about attractive group specials on our website or give us a call on +49(0) 4563 474-0.

All operating ride attractions and shows are included in the entrance fee.

In the 2017 season HANSA-PARK is open from 07 April through 29 October, daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; ride attractions open at 10 a.m. Subject to change.

Discounts cannot be combined.

Payment options:

  • Cash (€ and common foreign currencies)
  • Cards: EC card + pin number
  • Credit card: Visa, Eurocard/MasterCard
Shows and Stars at HANSA-PARK in 2017

New Variety Show “Let’s celebrate!”

All Shows at a Glance

International Variety Show “Let’s celebrate!” for the whole family at the Plaza del Mar arena, daily at 4 p.m.
Additional shows: Saturdays, Sundays, public/bank holidays, holidays and extra days off at 2 p.m. 

Multi-media Special-Effect Show
at the Plaza del Mar arena, daily
at 11.30 a.m., 1 p.m., 5.15 p.m.

FantasticCinema in Digital
“Mystery Mansion 4D”   
daily, 10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m., every 30 min. (not at 12.30 p.m.)


John Burke‘s Sea Lion Show at the Water Circus
at 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 5.15 p.m.

On the open-air stage at the Old-Time Fun Fair: “Fairground Booth Magic”
daily at 12.30 p.m., 2.15 p.m., 4.15 p.m.

Photo Shooting: daily at 1.15 p.m.

HANSA-PARK Parade with many performers, accompanied by the Dixie and Latino Band, daily in dry weather at 3 p.m.

HANSA-PARK - Dixie and Latino Band
from 9 a.m. to 11.45 a.m. and from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., next to the Holstentor   

The Talking Fountain
daily at 11.15 a.m., 1.30 p.m., 5.30 p.m., 5 p.m.

Emmi, Pingi & Co. say “Hello” and “Bye-bye” 
daily from 9 a.m. to 11.45 a.m. and from 5.15 p.m. to 6 p.m. next to the Holstentor

Schedule subject to change and weather conditions!

All Events at a Glance

Easter at HANSA-PARK
on April 16 and 17, 2017

Summer Flower Special at HANSA-PARK incl. HANSA-PARK Summer Parade
from July 01 to September 15, 2017
Visit of the Shadow Creatures
from September 30 to October 01
and from October 06 to 08, 2017

Autumn Magic by the Sea with a brilliant Parade of Lights
from October 14 to November 29, 2017

Special Tips for 2017

Group Specials

Young-at-Heart Guests (aged 60+), min 8 persons

All-day ticket incl. breakfast and lunch or lunch and coffee & cake
€ 29 per person
Young-at-Heart Guests (aged 60+), min 8 persons

Half-day ticket from 12.30 p.m. incl. lunch or coffee & cake
€ 19 per person
Adults (from 15 years), min. 20 persons € 29 per person
Adults (from 15 years), min. 20 persons
incl. lunch & 0.3 l soft drink of their choice
€ 35,20 per person
Children & Youths (up to 17 years), min. 10 persons € 24,90 per person

Note: The prices quoted cannot be combined. Please make a booking 2-3 days before you wish to visit the Park.

Children’s Birthday Party at HANSA-PARK

Birthday party room
incl. festively decorated birthday table and throne for the birthday boy or girl.
Free of charge
Entrance fee for the birthday child (up to 14 years)
(proof required)
Free of charge
Exclusive ride on the “birthday train” (max. 24 persons) Free of charge*
( *only in combination with a birthday party in the birthday party room)
Participation of the birthday child in the HANSA-PARK Parade Free of charge*
(*only in dry weather)

You cannot bring your own food and drinks into the birthday party room. However, we offer affordable child menus starting from € 6.20

All children’s birthday party specials must be booked in advance. Our Event Department will be pleased to help you. Just send an e-mail to infos@hansapark.de or give them a call: +49 (0) 4563 474 0.

Trapper Lodges

with lockable luggage room

Perfect for school classes and groups: Five block huts located next to the Wild West town are available for hire. Each of the trapper lodges comes with a roofed area of about 20sqm and is equipped with rustic tables and benches. You can bring your own food and drinks and enjoy a great barbecue.

Trapper Lodge hire fee Free of charge
Lump sum cleaning fee € 10,00
Barbecue hire fee € 10,00

Charcoal, meat and sausages can be purchased at fair prices in the Park. Of course you can also opt to indulge in our delicious gastronomic offers.

As the Trapper Lodges are very popular, booking is a must. Our Event Department will be pleased to help you. Just send an e-mail to infos@hansapark.de or give them a call: +49 (0) 4563 474 0.

The Ride Attractions at HANSA-PARK


  1. The Oath of KÄRNAN – beware of its spell
  3. The Little Tsar – my first roller coaster
  4. The HANSA Swing Ride – timeless flying fun for the whole family - official launch in the 2017 season
  5. The Midgard Serpent® - get ready for the family adventure!
  6. Curse of Novgorod® - the ultimate thrill coaster that has established an entirely new roller coaster category
  7. The Bell - the world’s largest bell with its water and fire effects is a ride for the courageous
  8. Stormy Dragon Boat Ride ® - a water rafting adventure for little Vikings
  9. Space Scooter®  - interactive docking on planets
  10. Rio Dorado® - Germany's craziest water bobsled ride
  11. Odin's Travels through the Sky - the free fall tower for little daredevils aged three to six years
  12. Indian River - interactive canoeing trip into the land of the Wild West Indians
  13. Pony Post - an exhilarating interactive trip into the prairie that’s all about finding out who has the best aim
  14. Barracuda Slide - a racy water ride in rubber dinghies dropping from a height of over 12m
  15. Flying Orcas - fly through the air in giant Orca whales
  16. Crazy Mine - a crazy mine-cart trip on rails through an old mine
  17. Viking Boat Trip – ride the waves onboard a Viking ship
  18. Pow Wow - covered family ride attraction offering spinning fun of the finest
  19. Nessie - the super roller coaster with a giant loop
  20. Flying Shark - from a standstill to 7 x upside-down
  21. Racing Roland - prepare for goose pimples on the cute family roller coaster when it meets Nessie in a “rendezvous in the loop”
  22. Super Splash - drop 20m down a slope into a lake
  23. A true American Wild Water Ride - in a hollow log through a wild water canal
  24. Wave Rider - ride merrily through the air
  25. Flying Dutchman - swing up 24m high in a pirate ship
  26. Chair-o-plane Ride - feel the earth turning in the historical swing ride
  27. The Hansa Carousel - a traditional carousel for the whole family, featuring wooden horses and pictures of the most important Hanseatic cities
  28. Cog Ship Ride - a hilarious trip up and down the waves
  29. Children's Swing Boat Ride - with eight wooden boats to swing up and down
  30. Mini Scooters - the car for the little ones
  31. “Flower Magic” Boat Tour - glide through a sea of flowers to the sound of waltz music
  32. Safari Jeeps - an interactive adventurous trip and photo safari through the jungle
  33. Dr Livingstone’s Safari Flight - the propellers turn, the plane is ready to take off: Children can fly the planes themselves and search for the famous Africa explorer 
  34. Park Train - a tour of the Park on the train
  35. Holstein Tower - HANSA-PARK’s 100m-high landmark with a revolving cabin and a spectacular view
  36. Play area around the pirate ship at the covered Kiddie Camp with “Big Truck” and many more kiddie rides for the tiniest tots

Note: The use of some attractions is subject to special height and age restrictions as well as physical fitness!

HANSA-PARK at a Glance
Inauguration: 15 May 1977
Location: Germany’s only event and theme park by the sea
situated in the community of Sierksdorf by the Baltic Sea,
30 km north of the world heritage site of Lübeck
Total area: about 460,000 square metres
Roofed area: about 17,000 square metres
Konzept: Maritime-themed event park, embedded in the coastal landscape, featuring various themed areas with attractions and shows.
Car parks: 5,000 private car parking spaces; fee required
100 complimentary coach parking bays
100 hard-surfaced caravan and mobile home parking spaces; fee required
Development: May 1973: Opening of the family park "Legoland"

May 1977: Opening of the theme park "Hansaland"

1987: Hansaland becomes HANSA-PARK

1997: 20-year anniversary and biggest expansion in the history of the Park

2000: Launch of the "Rio Dorado" - the only river rafting ride in Germany

2002: 25-year anniversary with numerous new attractions such as Space Scooters and the Parade of Lights by the sea, unique in North Germany

2004: Opening of the North's top family attractions: PandaVision and the unrivalled Cosmic Coaster
Numerous new themed events

2005: Launch of the then highest flying carousel in the world

2006: Opening of the first high-rope garden at a leisure park that features an innovative technique

2007: Opening of the first construction phase of the HANSA-PARK Resort by the Sea - a first such resort in Germany

2008: Inauguration of the "Holstentor" - the first construction phase of the planned theme world The HANSEATIC LEAGUE in EUROPE which, in future, will “symbolise” the park’s name

2009: Launch of the Curse of Novgorod - a new mega-coaster that established an entirely new roller coaster category

2010: Completion of the 2nd and 3rd section of the theme world The HANSEATIC LEAGUE in EUROPE

2011: Official opening of the family coaster, the Midgard Serpent
Completion of the 4th section of the theme world The HANSEATIC LEAGUE in EUROPE

2012: Completion of the 5th section of the theme world The HANSEATIC LEAGUE in EUROPE

2013: Completion of the 6th section of the theme world The HANSEATIC LEAGUE in EUROPE

Opening of the Fondaco dei Tedeschi, an indoor playland

Launch of the hypercoaster The Oath of KÄRNAN – Beware of its Spell

Opening of the HANSA Swing Ride

Opening of the children’s roller coaster “The Little Tsar”
Number of Employees: Up to 800 people during the season
Number of Visitors: 1,4 Millions (2016)
Repeat Visitors: ca. 83 %
Average Age: about 28 Years
Company and Domicile: HANSA-PARK
Freizeit- und Familienpark
GmbH & Co. KG
Am Fahrenkrog 1
23730 Sierksdorf/Ostsee
Postaddress: Postfach 12 29
23722 Neustadt in Holstein
Management: Christoph Andreas Leicht,
personally liable associate
Telephone: +49 4563 / 474 - 0
Fax: +49 4563 / 474 - 100
Infoline: +49 4563 / 474 - 224
Internet: http://www.hansapark.de
E-Mail: info@hansapark.de