Every afternoon the ambassadors of happiness take a tour through the Park – if the weather is decent.

Elegant dancers, proud caballeros, pink elephants and friendly gorillas accompanied by a pirate ship, a vintage fire engine car on a mission and a Wild West carriage with the sheriff on board who checks if all is quiet.

You just have to join in the fun.

Note: The Parade starts at Kungstorget, then turns towards Tienda Textiles, passes the Curse of Novgorod and heads for the Hansa Carousel. From there the Parade returns to Kungstorget via the Lumberjacks‘ Camp.

For safety reasons the HANSA-PARK parade will not take place if the weather is wet or stormy.


  • Outdoor
  • Watch out here - you may get wet
  • For disabled guests






ca. 30 min

Subject to change. Please check the notice boards in the park for programme updates.

Children alone
no restrictions
Accompanied by an adult
no restrictions

For guests with handicap

  • Companion and/or guest have to decide if the ride is suitable.

Other notes

  • So long as you observe all safety regulations, it is up to you and your courage what rides you and your children dare get on.