Trappers’ Camp

Earthy barbecue fun

Trapper Barbecue

Our Trapper Barbecue includes:

  • Reservation of the trapper lodge/s* with charcoal barbecue unit/s*
  • Barbecue set: charcoal, barbecue lighters and grilling tongs
  • Delicious barbecue package: Two types of grill sausages per person, your choice of potato salad or baked potato with sour cream, coleslaw salad, mustard, ketchup and baguette rolls
  • One-way dishes and napkins

Available for groups of 10 or more.

Costs: € 12.40 per person
* plus lump sum cleaning fee for trapper lodge/s (€ 12 per lodge) and barbecue unit/s (€ 12 per barbecue unit).

Add-on offers:

  • Skewered neck-of-pork steak (160 g):  € 4.00
  • Skewered turkey breast (160 g): €4.00
  • Corn cob with herb butter: € 2.50

General Information about our Trappers’ Camp

Our Trappers’ Camp has five trapper lodges. Each trapper lodge accommodates groups of up to 20 persons and is equipped with a lockable luggage room. You can, of course, book several adjacent trapper lodges. As the lodges are very popular, reservation is a must.

You can collect the key to your lodge at our Service Centre on the day of your visit. The key deposit fee of € 10 is payable upon collection. The deposit will be refunded when you return the key.

You and your group can use the trapper lodge as a meeting point throughout your stay in the Park, from 10 am to 6 pm. During the Creatures of the Shadow event on September19 and 20, 2020 and September 26 and 27, 2020 the trapper lodges can be used to a limited extent only after 3 pm.

If you also booked a barbecue unit, it will be available for use at your trapper lodge in the Trappers’ Camp from about 11 am.

Grilling at HANSA-PARK is allowed only at our Trappers’ Camp, on the barbecue units provided by the Park. Advance booking is a must.

You would like to book a trapper lodge but no barbecue package?

You can, of course, book a trapper lodge without the barbecue package:

  • Trapper lodge incl. lockable luggage room: € 12 per trapper lodge (lump sum cleaning fee) plus a key deposit fee of € 10. The deposit will be refunded when you return the key.
  • Stainless-steel barbecue unit: € 12 per barbecue unit (lump sum cleaning fee)
  • Barbecue set (charcoal, grilling tongs and barbecue lighter): € 10 per barbecue set


by telephone on +49 (0)  4563/474-0 or use contact form. The trapper barbecue package can also be booked online.