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Academic Studies combined with Practical Training

A great way to start a professional career

The combined-work-and-study programmes [Duales Studium] HANSA-PARK offers in co-operation with Wirtschaftsakademie Schleswig-Holstein, a business academy, the Lübeck Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Lübeck Chamber of Craft Trades, and the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences are a great way to start a professional career. They combine academic and practical training and differ from standard study programmes in that they put more emphasis on the practical aspects of the job.

These are the combined-work-and-study programmes we offer:

Business management & administration (special focus on services)  

  • The study programme that combines academic studies with practical training in office management takes 3 years.
  • You can either study at the Wirtschaftsakademie Schleswig-Holstein in Lübeck or in Kiel.
  • More information is available on the WAK Schleswig-Holstein website at www.wak-sh.de/berufsakademie

StudiLe - academic studies combined with an apprenticeship 

There are no combined-work-and-study programmes available for 2018.

Your benefits at a glance
  • The combination of vocational training at HANSA-PARK with a bachelor’s degree study programme will enable you to think and act in line with market requirements and develop and implement optimum commercial solutions for our guests and customers.
  • You experience the practical aspects of the job early on, which will help you to quickly familiarise yourself with our work processes.
  • The broad and extensive combined-training programme will enhance your career opportunities as well as your job opportunities at HANSA-PARK.
  • As you start your training at HANSA-PARK and learn everything from scratch, it is more likely that you will be taken over after you graduate.
  • HANSA-PARK pays for the university fees.
  • The study programme offers the possibility to gain a number of additional qualifications.
Combined-work-and-study programmes - entry requirements
  • Qualification to study at a university, a university of applied sciences [Fachhochschule] or a comparable recognised qualification
  • Dedication and willingness to learn
  • Commitment