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FAQs - Working at HANSA-PARK

The most frequently asked questions at a glance

Here are the most commonly asked questions!

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When can I apply for a job?


Seasonal employment: You can send us your informative but concise job application from February throughout the entire season.

If you wish to apply for year-round employment, we will be happy to receive your application at any time.

What supporting documents do I need to submit together with my job application?


Check our Job Application Tips here.

How do I apply for a job?


You can send us your job application including supporting documents by E-Mail or by post to:

Freizeit- und Familienpark GmbH & Co. KG
Am Fahrenkrog 1
23730 Sierksdorf

Why do I need to submit a recent certificate of good conduct [Führungszeugnis] with my job application?


HANSA-PARK is a very child and family-friendly theme park. We are the first German amusement park to have been awarded the quality seal "O.K. for Kids", applicable to the entire Park, by Deutscher Kinderschutzbund and TÜV Nord. This certification requires us to ask prospective HANSA-PARK employees to submit a recent certificate of good conduct.

You can obtain the certificate of good conduct from your municipal authority. Unfortunately we are not able to refund you the costs incurred.

How old should I be to be able to work for HANSA-PARK?


You must be at least 16 years old to work for HANSA-PARK. However certain specialist roles require you to be at least 18 years of age. There is no upper age limit – we welcome pupils and retirees alike!

Can I come for an interview without sending in a job application?


No, you can’t. As we want to have time for you, making an appointment is necessary.

Does HANSA-PARK offer its employees accommodation?


Please approach us if you require accommodation. We will check whether an employee flat is available.

What are the daily working hours?


Your working hours depend on the job field you work in. Our employees generally work five days a week. A working schedule will determine your actual working hours. As we are a services provider, our daily working hours are flexible in line with the requirements of our guests.

Will I need to work at weekends and on public/bank holidays?


Yes, you will. During the season HANSA-PARK is open daily and you should be prepared to work at weekends and on public/bank holidays.

Do I need to have a good command of German to work for HANSA-PARK?


No matter what you work as, you will be in constant contact with guests. You must have a good command of German if you wish to work at HANSA-PARK. You must be able to give our guests, and in particular children, detailed information in German and communicate with your colleagues.

Do I need a residence permit and work permit to work for HANSA-PARK?


If you are not a German national, you must submit the respective permits with your job application.

Can I work for HANSA-PARK in the school or university holidays?


Yes, you can. However if you want to work in the school and/or university holidays, you should be available for a minimum of three weeks. We will be delighted to have pupils and students support us at weekends and on public/bank holidays in the season during the Park’s opening hours.

Will HANSA-PARK bear the costs of travelling to a job interview?


The applicant must bear the travelling costs.

When do I get a reply to my job application?


We carefully review each job application and forward it to the respective specialist department. We reply in writing to each job applicant. As we have a lot of job applications to process, a reply may take a while.

What is the hourly pay rate?


We will be happy to discuss pay rates with you in an interview.