Aktionstag Tag der Achterbahn

National Roller Coaster Day

16.08.2020: National Roller Coaster Day at HANSA-PARK

The world has some rather odd commemorative days. One of them is National Roller Coaster Day that will be celebrated for the first time on August 16th this year!

Just how it came about is anyone’s guess. And it’s also not clear how, exactly, it is meant to be celebrated. So we took matters into our own hands and came up with a HANSA-PARK day of the different kind for 16 August 2020.

Don’t miss our prize game! If you get on all the Park’s rides and collect stamps for each one on a stamp card, you can win one of seven 2021 season tickets. If you want to join in the fun, approach our staff at the Service Centre. They will be happy to give you a stamp card.

And last but not least, each roller coaster on-ride photo will get a Roller Coasters’ Day stamp.
In between, you can refuel with a special Roller Coaster Burger created by the Park’s chefs.

We are looking forward to celebrating this special day together with you at Germany’s only event and family theme park by the sea!

On that day the Park will be open until 6 pm.