Visit of the Shadow Creatures


Unfortunately the event Visit of the Shadow Creatures cannot take place this year.

When at twilight dark elves, nightmares and revenants crawl out of their hidings, the hour of scare and spookiness has arrived...

Dates & Info

What you need to know

  • We recommend that parents with children under the age of 12 avoid the respective areas in the evening hours.
  • Capacities for the additional activities stated are limited.
  • The Park is open until 9 pm, the ride attractions close at 8.30 pm. The last ride of the Wild Water Ride and Super Splash is at 6 pm, KÄRNAN’s last ride is at 8.30 pm. Note that the queues close earlier.
  • Do not jump queue or reserve seats in the waiting areas.
  • Be polite and respectful towards other guests, our staff and the performers at all times. Persons who do not comply will be removed from the Park.
  • HANSA-PARK has the right to escort from the Park visitors who wear clothes similar to those of HANSA-PARK’s staff or performers, which may lead to mix-ups as well as visitors who wear clothes, facial make-up or have tattoos that may be offensive to other guests, in particular children, without the right to refund. Wearing masks and/or full-face covers is prohibited.


Dare step into the otherworld and enter Dr Bolting’s old thatched-roof cottage by the moor. Walk into "KÄRNANs Dungeons" and witness the resurgence of the Volkov Brotherhood in the Curse of Novgorod.

  • We recommend that parents with children under 12 avoid the respective areas in the evening hours.
  • Capacities for the additional activities stated are limited.
Let the hour of scare and spookiness begin...
Place Time
At the doctor’s thatched-roof cottage at about 5 pm
At the "Curse of Novgorod" at about 6 pm
KÄRNANs Dungeons at about 5 pm
Wall-Mapping-Show (at dusk) at about 7.45 pm

The opening times of the Park and the ride attractions are subject to change. Please check the notice boards on site for changes.

Rules & Regulations

Let the hour of scare and spookiness begin... Get ready for a dark event maze that will test your scare-level. Real-life actors, horror effects and loud noises will give you an eery time

Please note:

  • The grounds and walls of the attractions may be uneven; some scenes take place in almost complete darkness.
  • The attractions are geared towards the fearless. They are not suitable for youths under 12 or those who scare easily.
  • Pregnant ladies, persons with pacemakers and/or heart disorders as well as persons with mobility issues are not permitted to use the attractions.
  • Real-life actors are waiting for you. They may touch you, but they won’t do anything to you.

Please strictly comply with the rules below:

  • Always place your hands on the shoulder of the person in front of you.
  • The person first in line stretches his/her hands forward.
  • Don’t run, don’t run back or walk back and don’t stop.
  • Don’t look behind you, don’t turn around, don’t touch anything and always stay on the pathway!
  • Pay attention to ceiling heights, low door lintels, uneven ground or tunnel heights!
  • Flashlights, photographing or filming is not permitted!
  • No food, no drinks and no smoking!
  • Don’t take along any bulky items. Use the lockers at the main entrance.
  • For security reasons the attractions are video-surveyed.
  • Visitors who do not comply with these rules or behave unreasonably will be refused admission to the attractions and removed from the Park if required.

Happy spooky hour!

The Protagonists

Jan Hams

The boy Jan Hams was born in 1803 to Ilse Hams, a maid and waitress at Die Goldene Makrele [The Golden Mackerel], a guesthouse. The mother died in childbirth. Jan was sent to a workhouse.

The only person who visited Jan every now and then was Dr Wilhelm Bolting, who had been taking care of him medically and psychologically ever since.

Jan had already been different when he was still a child. Most of the time he was humble and helpful, however at times he suddenly displayed aggressive behaviour towards strangers and also towards himself.

At the behest of Dr Bolting, however, Jan later became the assistant of Groot, an impoverished peat farmer. After Groot passed away Jan, who was his sole heir, continued to live in his very basic cottage.

Dr Wilhelm Bolting

Dr Wilhelm Bolting comes from a rich patrician family who were merchants. In his youth he loved life and the finer things in life.

However he suddenly changed his lifestyle and decided to study medicine and psychology.

Apart from medicine Bolting’s specialist areas were history and archaeology, mythology and para-psychological research.

Despite his conventional medical education, Dr Bolting often used the secret knowledge of alchemists in his therapies - something his family had done for generations.

Rieke Bolting

Rieke Bolting is Wilhelm’s sister and almost 10 years his junior. Given that it was the 19th century, she was a highly emancipated lady. She had always admired her older brother, but later she also criticised him repeatedly because he never did anything to change existing family values. And he lived his life as was expected from a son of a patrician, conforming to society and denying his own interests and feelings.

She travelled to England to demonstrate for women’s right to vote with her girlfriends. Although women were not allowed to enrol in university in Germany, she obtained special permission to study medicine like her brother.

She always lived life to the fullest although (or because) she never married.

Her research activities were very similar to Wilhelm‘s, and they often spent entire nights at the laboratory to discuss things or simply dissect something.

As she was so close to her brother, she knew him very well. She suspected that the relationship between Jan and Wilhelm went beyond friendship and that Wilhelm might have something to do with Ilse Hams’s death.

District Court Judge Mattis Bend

Mattis was an old friend of the Bolting family with a passion for criminology and in particular pathological deviances.

He observed with great interest that in the past years several people went missing and were never found.

He also liked to be in the company of Rieke Bolting. When it came to her, he was often willing to close one of his “judge’s eyes”.

Igor Sokolow

Igor Sokolow is a member of the Volkov Brotherhood and a trained assassin.

For many centuries it appeared that the once powerful Volkov Brotherhood had dissolved. But insiders still met to safeguard the brotherhood’s secrets and study Volkov’s skills and arts. And they were looking for traces of the past.

Igor was sent to Lübeck to trace the past. He discovered that Peer Oldendorp’s descendants had hidden more than just some dark secret in lake Windebyer Noor.