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A Selection of our Awards

Recognition as well as motivation!

“All awards are a great honour for us and all our employees. It shows that our unique mix of nature, park, history and award-winning action directly by the sea is exactly what our guests want. At the same time they motivate us to further strengthen our position in North Germany, Germany and Europe.”

Business Punk ranked about 20,000 businesses: HANSA-PARK is among the 173 top scorers and has been rated Top Company for Digital Talents

Business Punk ranked about 20,000 businesses: HANSA-PARK is among the 173 top scorers and has been rated Top Company for Digital Talents

Business Punk, a business lifestyle magazine published by Gruner + Jahr, and the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF) have developed a representative corporate reputation ranking system that assesses the digital maturity of employers.

Of the roughly 20,000 German businesses assessed only 173 companies scored top, achieving between 90 and 100 points.

One of them is HANSA-PARK, Germany’s only event and family theme park by the sea. This is an outstanding achievement, prompting Business Punk, a business lifestyle magazine, to award HANSA-PARK the title “Top Company for Digital Talents”.

For the survey the IMWF used web crawling to collect about 4.4 million entries by roughly 20,000 German companies. The data gathered on the internet from January 2018 to March 2019 form the basis of the corporate reputation ranking.

The companies were evaluated based on their general digital maturity. Three other employer rating criteria played a key role: hard facts, culture and benefits. Digital maturity made up 50% of the ranking; the other three criteria made up the remaining 50%.

Christoph Andreas Leicht, Managing Shareholder of HANSA-PARK, is very proud of the achievement, “In an age where people who do not have a smartphone are increasingly rare, companies are forced to digitalise their processes. We offer our guests free WiFi services in the Park as well as an interactive digital feedback system. Our employees are always up to date with our digital information board that displays the latest information. Their daily routines, too, are digitalised, for instance their daily safety inspections of the Park’s attractions. We are very happy that our continued commitment in this field has not gone unnoticed.”

Rated Outstanding for High Customer Loyalty 2019

Rated Outstanding for High Customer Loyalty 2019

HANSA-PARK was given a High Customer Loyalty rating.
What companies and brands respectively have the most loyal customers? A recent online survey on customer loyalty rated 1,869 businesses from 199 sectors. Over 500,000 customers completed and returned the online questionnaire.

The Customer Loyalty study was conducted by ServiceValue GmbH on behalf of DEUTSCHLAND TEST / FOCUS MONEY

HANSA-PARK was rated Outstanding for High Customer Loyalty in the amusement park category. With a result of 71.2% HANSA-PARK lies above the sector average.

“We are enormously happy that our guests have placed their trust in us over all these years. They have made us who we are today – one of the most successful event and family theme parks in Germany. …And thus, this award is a joint one – an award won by the Park and our guests alike,” said Christoph Andreas Leicht, managing shareholder of HANSA-PARK.

More information is available at http://www.servicevalue.de/wettbewerbe/ branchenuebergreifend/kundentreue.

Valuable Employer 2018

WirtschaftsWoche awarded HANSA-PARK the title of Valuable Employer 2018

The aim of the Valuable Employer survey was to find out how valuable employers are for their region and how much the community benefits from them.

Just what makes an employer valuable for a region? The best people to judge that are those who live in the area. On behalf of WirtschaftsWoche, a German weekly business news magazine, ServiceValue, a market research institute, in a survey asked the residents of 54 north-German administrative districts and 17 self-governed cities to rate their regional employers. All in all, some 1,500 employers were rated.

What exactly makes a business valuable for the population? Is it its economic success? The number of jobs it creates? Both certainly are important aspects! However, it is no longer all about making profits. When choosing a new employer, values and reputation play an at least equally significant role. Many companies therefore strive to strike a balance when it comes to the common good both within and outside the company. This includes a healthy work-life balance for the employees as much as creating added value and enhancing the benefit for society.

The study left it to the participants to define the term of Valuable Employer but WirtschaftsWoche reported that a company’s social commitment played a pivotal role for those who took part in the survey.

HANSA-PARK was ranked third by the Ostholstein administrative district.

“We take huge pride in the positive rating we have been given by Ostholstein‘s residents and are happy about the fabulous third place we have achieved in the administrative district of Ostholstein, preceded only by AMEOS and Schwartau Werke. Apart from the roughly 800 jobs HANSA-PARK offers for the people in the region, the Park regularly supports people in special circumstances. Today, the Park donates double-digit millions to selected projects, for instance within the framework of the Social Weeks.

More information on the above survey is available at https://www.wiwo.de/erfolg/trends/ranking-wertvolle-arbeitgeber-was-konzerne-fuer-ihre-region-wertvoll-macht/22813852-2.html.

You would like to learn more about the Park’s social commitment? https://www.hansapark.de/soziales-engagement

You want to be a part of the HANSA-PARK family and are looking for a job? https://www.hansapark.de/arbeiten-im-hansa-park

Service Champions 2018

HANSA-PARK among the “Service Champions”!

ServiceValue GmbH in co-operation with Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main and DIE WELT, a German daily, surveyed 3,016 companies, of which 600 appear on the ranking list. The broad customer survey on customer service experience produced over 1.5 million customer reviews rating firms from 327 sectors. The 200 best companies / brands of all businesses surveyed were awarded a Gold Ranking.

The broad customer survey on customer service experience produced over 1.5 million customer reviews rating firms from 327 sectors. The 200 best companies / brands of all businesses surveyed were awarded a Gold Ranking.

With an 82nd place HANSA-PARK was awarded a Gold Ranking by Service-Champions and continues to be a member of the small circle of Germany’s Service Champions.

“The award shows that medium-sized family-led enterprises and international corporations are equals in the competition for customers,” says Andreas Leicht, Managing Director of HANSA-PARK.

“Our guests shape the Park” - that’s the motto of the leisure company. Accordingly HANSA-PARK has an extensive range of entertainment options to choose from, offering something for everyone.

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European Star Award 2019

2nd place - Europe’s Best New Rides: The HIGHLANDER
and 4th place - Europe’s Best Family Rides: The Midgard Serpent

Kirmes & Park Revue, Europe’s leading amusement park specialist magazine, once again presented the independent European Star Award to Europe’s best amusement parks. The annual prize is awarded to amusement parks to honour entrepreneurial courage and innovative ideas.

This year’s European Star Award ceremony was held at the Parc-Astérix-Hotel, La Cité Suspendue, in Paris on the eve of the IAAPA Expo Europe. Until the end of July, an independent jury comprising experts from the leisure park industry voted on the most noteworthy attractions, roller coasters and theme parks in Europe.

HANSA-PARK received the European Star Award 2019 in the category Europe’s Best New Ride. HANSA-PARK came in second with The HIGHLANDER. The HIGHLANDER is HANSA-PARK’s new attraction for 2019 which, at a total height of 120m, currently is the tallest and biggest gyro drop tower in the world.

The Midgard Serpent, a ride specifically geared towards families with children, won 4th place in Europe’s Best Family Ride category this year.

“Receiving these European Star Awards 2019 proves that throughout
Europe our attractions are known to offer something for the whole family,
be it very young or adult guests,”
said a beaming
Christoph Andreas Leicht, Managing Partner of HANSA-PARK.

Worldofparks Award 2019

For the ninth time in a row: HANSA-PARK receives the coveted people’s choice Worldofparks Award 2019 for being “Europe’s Best Amusement Park for Kids”

10 days and 10 nights - that’s how long Worldofparks readers were given to cast their vote, and in the end some 30,000 users all over Europe took part in the “Worldofparks Voting 2019”.

The Worldofparks Award is one of the most important awards in the European amusement park industry voted on entirely by the public.

For the ninth consecutive time HANSA-PARK has won the Worldofparks Award in the category “Europe’s Best Amusement Park for Kids”.

“We are proud that we have been voted Europe’s best Amusement Park for Kids. In particular it is a recognition of our HANSA-PARK team’s efforts to make our young guests happy. It’s our employees who give the Park a face and a voice. Without them we wouldn’t be able to have such fabulous attractions for children. We thank all voters for their support. The award is our motivation to continue to give our best,” says Christoph Andreas Leicht, managing shareholder of HANSA-PARK.

Customers’ Favourite 2016

According to a study conducted by Focus Money HANSA-PARK is “Customers’ Favourite 2016”

The “customers’ favourites” study looked at social media contributions on 1,000 brands from 82 industry sectors and product categories respectively, and evaluated 12 million customer statements with regard to price, service, quality and reputation. 

The “customers’ favourites” study was conducted by Faktenkontor on behalf of Focus Money, a German weekly financial magazine.

The brand “HANSA-PARK” has been awarded the bronze prize in the category Amusement Parks, which is an excellent result as only 3 awards were presented in this category (1x bronze, 1x silver, 1x gold). 

“We are very happy about the prize. It shows that not “only” do our attractions, such as the   hypercoaster KÄRNAN with its reverse free fall that is unrivalled in the world, feature state-of-the-art technology, but the Park is also at the top of the field when it comes to digital and web technology,” says a delighted Andreas Leicht, Managing Director of HANSA-PARK.