Service Points

The icing on the cake for a worry-free day at HANSA-PARK

WeWe are there for you. Let us know if we can be of help in any way, be it to answer questions about the Park, help you locate a nappy changing room or provide you with a plaster.  We’ll be happy to assist you any time!

Infants & Toddlers

Children are our most important guests! Here, you’ll find our services for families with toddlers and infants.

Wickelraum im HANSA-PARK

Letter Box

You’ll find a letter box at the arcades close to our HANSE-KONTOR. Look for a large brown treasure chest.

Make sure that your mail has sufficient postage before you place it into the letter box. We will affix our special HANSA-PARK stamp and send it off the next day…

First Aid Station

If you require emergency first aid, contact our medical staff trained to assist in emergencies at the First Aid Station in the Service Centre at the main entrance.

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Lost & Found

You have found something or lost an item of property? Our staff at the Information and Service Centre will be happy to assist you.

Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

You are looking forward to an exciting day at HANSA-PARK but don’t have sufficient funds in your purse? Don’t worry – there is an international ATM provided by Sparkasse Holstein at the main entrance.

Keeping your children safe: HANSA-PARK wristbands noting their heights

For safety reasons and to comply with TÜV regulations, height requirements apply at some of our attractions. Our employees have been instructed to check the height at the respective attractions and re-measure children if necessary.

Alternatively, children can opt for a wristband noting their height. Just approach our staff at the Service Centre. They will measure them and hand them a wristband. Present it at the attractions and off they go on the ride!

This will save you precious time at the attractions – time that you can then fill with wonderful HANSA-PARK moments.

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Your dog is, of course, welcome in the park. However please keep it on a lead and carry a cleaning set along. You can obtain the cost-free set from the staff at the box offices and entrance control.

“Water refuelling stations” for dogs can be found throughout the park.

Please note that, for safety reasons, dogs are prohibited in our shows and on our ride attractions. We hope to have your understanding that dogs are not allowed in our souvenir shops and in restaurant areas where food is presented uncovered, e.g. in the buffet area.

You need someone to take care of your dog while you visit the Park? Allround Animal Care near HANSA-PARK offers flexible dog-walking services.  www.allround-animal-care.de

Short-term Parking Place

Your children have spent a lovely, long and exciting day at HANSA-PARK on their own and now want to be picked up? Well, just ask them to wait at the HANSA-PARK bus and coach car park at specially designated parking areas. Please make sure not to obstruct coach traffic and their passengers, though.

Wheelchair Hire

There is no need for you to bring along your own transport. Simply hire one of our nine new, free- of-charge wheelchairs. Go to the main entrance, give your personal details to the staff, pay a refundable deposit and off you go on the handy help.

freundliche HANSA-PARK Mitarbeiterinnen
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Smoking Areas on the Park’s Premises

As a family park the well-being of our little guests is of primary importance to us. That is why we have established designated smoking areas in the Park. Please smoke in these designated areas only.

Smoking areas are marked with this symbol:

Click on the map to enlarge it.

Season Tickets

You are having so much fun at HANSA-PARK that you definitely want to come back before the season is over? Upgrade to a season ticket on the day of your visit and we will offset the price you paid for your day ticket against the season ticket price. The season ticket allows you to visit the Park as often as you wish throughout the season.


On the ground floor of our Service Centre you will find multiple-use lockers in two sizes. Regular-sized lockers are available at a one-time fee of € 1, large lockers at € 2 plus a deposit fee of € 2.

Please note that HANSA-PARK and its employees cannot be held responsible for objects passed to them or left unattended within the area of HANSA-PARK.

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Shopping: Leave your Shopping with us

You went shopping and would like to leave your bag/s at our HANSE-KONTOR by the entrance area? No problem!

Shop until 3.30 pm, inform the box office and collect your bag/s between 5 pm and 6 pm.

Hanse-Kontor Eingang


It’s never far to a toilet at HANSA-PARK. In addition, special children’s toilets are available.

And for visiting wheelchair users, there are toilets located throughout the park:

  • Outside of the park at the main entrance area next to the Service Centre
  • Inside the park at the main entrance next to the Hanse Café
  • In the underpass to the Mirror Gallery
  • At the Tienda del Mar
  • At the Children’s World, next to the make-up point
  • At the Land of the Vikings

Dryers / Hairdryers

It’s no fun without a good share of spills on the Super Splash and the Wild Water Ride. We make sure that you don’t have to walk around wet. Use the equipment provided to blow your hair as well as your clothes dry.

In front of the exit of our Super Splash you'll find a full body dryer. The dryer can accommodate up to four adults. At only € 2 you - and the rest of your family - can bathe in hot air until you feel warm and dry again.

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Changing foreign Currencies

The staff at our Service Centre will be pleased to change common currencies into Euro at the day rate.

Wi-Fi Zones

You can see all our WI-FI Zones on our map:

Click on map for enlargement.

Lübecker Nachrichten E-Paper Service

Get a 14-day free trial of Lübecker Nachrichten

Lübecker Nachrichten, a regional daily, offers HANSA-PARK guests a non-binding 14-day free trial of their e-paper. The paper will be delivered to your smartphone or tablet.

What you need to do to get the free digital paper: When you are at the Park, log in via one of our WLAN (Wi-Fi) hotspots and get your personal coupon code from our hotspot home page. The page will also provide more information on how to proceed. Only a limited number of free trials is available daily. The promotion ends once all coupon codes are used up.