Baby & Toddler

Our services for families with toddlers and infants

We care about you and your children’s well-being.

Below you’ll find a range of services that will make your visit to the Park fun and easy for everyone.

Baby Food

All our restaurants offer baby food. We are also pleased to warm any infant food you have brought along. Just ask our staff for assistance.


There are a limited number of pushchairs available for hire on a first come first served basis. A charge plus a deposit fee applies. Please approach the staff at the Service Centre.

Short-term Parking Area

Your children have spent a lovely, long and exciting day at HANSA-PARK on their own and now want to be picked up? Well, just ask them to wait at the HANSA-PARK bus and coach car park at specially designated parking areas. Please make sure not to obstruct coach traffic and their passengers, though.

Lost Children Meeting Point

If your child has lost his or her way, a park employee will accompany him or her to our Service Centre at the main entrance. Our service: at all our box offices and in the Information & Service Centre at the main entrance we offer high-quality key chains (lanyards) with little cards attached at just € 1, on which you can write down your name and telephone number. Unfortunately we cannot put out calls for children.


Forgotten to bring along nappies? Don’t worry - just get them from our HANSE KONTOR at the entrance area.

Nappy Changing Rooms

Infants and toddlers want to feel comfortable, too. Nappy changing rooms and private corners to breastfeed your baby are available in the Service Centre at the main entrance, at the Children’s World next to the Make-up Point, at the refreshment kiosk in the Land of the Vikings, next to the Tienda Textiles in Spain and at the Wild Water Ride at the Lumberjacks’ Camp.

Wickelraum im HANSA-PARK

Baby Switch

Baby Switch, the perfect service if you visit HANSA-PARK with infants or toddlers, is available at select ride attractions.
It may not always be possible for you as parents to enjoy a ride together because your child does not meet the ride requirements and needs to be watched. And standing in line twice so that none of you has to miss out is not a happy option either.
To allow you to take turns, HANSA-PARK has introduced Baby Switch.

Here’s how it works:
1. Go to our Service Centre near the entrance and ask for Baby Switch. Our staff will give you 2 bracelets; one for you and one for your partner.
2. At the attraction you just join the queue as usual, if there is any, while your partner is waiting at the exit of the ride. When you have reached the loading station, approach our staff for the Baby Switch service and show them your bracelet. They will then explain to you how to proceed.
3. When you get off the ride, explain to your partner what you have been told by our staff. While it’s now your turn to stay with your child, your partner can go to the station loading area, show our staff the bracelet and hop on the ride. Have fun!  

Baby Switch is available at:
• Crazy Mine
• The Curse of Novgorod
• Nessie
• Super Splash
• Wild Water Ride – The Great Pike on Lake Ilmen

Navajo Trail High-Rope Garden

Please bear in mind that you may use Baby Switch once only at each of the above ride attractions on the day of your visit.

Please note that our employees are not authorised to look after your children.