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Safety – your invisible and indispensable companion at HANSA-PARK

 HANSA-PARK holds a variety of safety certificates.
 The Park has been awarded the safety certificates for its
… attractions - all our attractions have been inspected and certified by TÜV SÜD
… child-friendly Park design – the Park’s offerings, services and infrastructure are appropriate for children
... gastronomy – the Park has earned the HACCP food safety certification

TÜV SÜD Safety Certificate

HANSA-PARK is the first amusement park in North Germany and the second one in the world to have received the safety certificate awarded by TÜV SÜD.

"The quality seal "Certified Amusement Park" is a synonym for state-of-the-art, high safety standards which HANSA-PARK has implemented over the decades and constantly developed further," concludes Wilhelm Schaaff, head of the amusement ride certification department at TÜV SÜD.

Apart from HANSA-PARK, so far only Europa Park in Rust has managed to obtain this quality seal.

The amusement park safety certificate issued by TÜV SÜD assesses the interaction of all safety factors. This is of particular importance in huge parks such as HANSA-PARK. Apart from individual technical tests, award criteria are: emergency preparedness and response, save and rescue services, maintenance and inspection schedules as well as the documentation concerning the condition of the rides and facilities in the park.

Comprehensive audits evaluate the organisation, processes and structures of ride operations and their effects on the safety of visitors. However, the main elements are the individual amusement ride tests in accordance with DIN 4112, the guidelines on the calculation and design of amusement rides, and the guidelines on the construction and operation of amusement rides. Before the certificate is issued, proof of regular individual tests performed in the past and their continued performance must be provided.

For several weeks the TÜV experts conducted safety tests, for instance on electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic amusement ride parts. Among others, they tested velocities and brake runs, analysed individually experienced ride feelings and conducted staff audits.

All of HANSA-PARK’s ride attractions were tested for the above technical safety aspects, among others the Rio Dorado (today: Störtebeker's Sea Raid), back then Germany's only water bobsled ride or the Rendezvous in the Loop which sees two roller coasters meet in a looping.

Managing Director Andreas Leicht considers the TÜV certificate award an acknowledgement of HANSA-PARK's continued and successful efforts to combine top, high-quality and thrill-packed riding fun with utmost safety at Germany's only event and theme park by the sea. "For HANSA-PARK, as the park that sets quality standards not only in Germany but in Europe as well, it is a matter of course to be top in safety-related issues, too."

For 30 years now HANSA-PARK has commissioned TÜV SÜD to perform the technical safety inspections on all its rides, and both companies have been continuously co-operating in the fields of testing, acceptance and regular inspections of rides and fun facilities ever since. TÜV SÜD therefore disposes of extensive knowledge about the rides and facilities in addition to its technical know-how and experience from its long years of international activities.

The new certificate sets international safety standards for amusement parks. TÜV SÜD’s amusement ride department gained the necessary accreditation in 2003. Manufacturers and operators of amusement rides as well as the leading amusement parks in Germany and abroad, among others in the USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Saudi-Arabia, call TÜV SÜD their partner for safety management.

OK for Kids

Setting new standards for child and family-friendliness:
As Germany's first amusement park ever, the family park by the sea has been awarded the quality seal "OK for Kids"

The minister for social affairs, health, family, youth and senior citizens of the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein, Dr Gitta Trauernicht, insisted on attending the certificate presentation ceremony in person and addressed a short speech to the company.

Together with Prof. Dr Wilhelm J. Brinkmann of the federal board of directors of DKSB, Deutscher Kinderschutzbund e.V., a German child protection agency, Volker Klosowski, member of the board of directors of TÜV NORD - certification and international affairs department - and Peter Teichmann, managing director of the federal agency of DKSB Schleswig-Holstein e.V., the minister presented the quality seal to HANSA-PARK's managing director, Christoph Andreas Leicht, on Saturday, 29 September 2007.

"Children have their very own ideas, needs and rights, and it is our primary and guiding corporate principle to respect that and offer child-suitable attractions, services and infrastructure. We are firmly committed to that principle and implement it with utmost care," said Andreas Leicht and continued, "For children only the best will do. It is therefore a matter of course for North Germany's best adventure and family park to apply the strict criteria, issued by Deutscher Kinderschutzbund and TÜV NORD, for the entire park and not just selected areas. We are delighted to say that following our awards for the best and healthiest park gastronomy, we were able to continue to improve our offer for all children. These efforts were rewarded when we received the comprehensive certification "OK for Kids" applicable to all our Park's areas."

Parents, too, are not happy when their expectations regarding the quality of the attractions for their children are not met. This includes friendly, professional and well-educated staff, child-friendly, easily usable sanitary facilities - among them are nappy changing rooms and private breastfeeding corners as well as first aid services providing optimum child care - healthy, child-suitable meals and drinks, child-optimised quiet corners and chill-out areas. We put special emphasis on fully accessible child areas as well as attractive, fun-filled games and interactive play that also take full account of the needs of disabled children. Games, educational activities and fun-packed action stimulating children's creativity and imagination are as much expected as are specially designed event worlds that strengthen family bonds and provide enjoyment for the whole family.

HANSA-PARK has invested heavily in product optimisation, staff training, environmental protection and market research and is well prepared to meet the huge expectations of the little guests and the strict inspection criteria of Deutscher Kinderschutzbund and TÜV NORD required for the certification.

Not only does the comprehensive certification make HANSA-PARK a pioneer in the field of quality management in tourism - perfectly timed with the start of the new family tourism quality campaign launched by the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein - but it also underpins the Park's claim of being Germany's most child-friendly and family-friendly theme park. HANSA-PARK is always delighted to set the trend for others to follow suit.

"We are primarily concerned with children and their families, and all visitors to amusement parks will benefit when we are the first in the industry sector to set high standards," explained Managing Director, Andreas Leicht. To ensure that it stays that way, every year these standards are raised slightly as part of the annual audits.

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HANSA-PARK has been certified to HACCP

HANSA-PARK’s HACCP concept has been certified by TÜV making it one of the first amusement parks worldwide to earn the food safety certification!

HANSA-PARK’s effective HACCP concept guarantees food safety in the Park.

In November 2017 experts from TÜV SÜD, a German impartial and independent testing body, assessed the Park’s food safety management system to find out whether the food the Park produces is safe.

The experts assessed the effectiveness of precautionary and control procedures in place at the Park and identified potential hazards and error sources. HACCP certification increases customers’ trust in a business. The TÜV SÜD certification requirements are strict. To meet them, HANSA-PARK prepared itself carefully and invested considerable sums in process optimisation, upgraded technically and sent its staff to training courses. All that paid off and HANSA-PARK has now been certified.

“For us, being certified to HACCP is a great incentive to further develop our food safety management system,” says Dirk Pohnke, head of gastronomy at HANSA-PARK. “We verify compliance with statutory and regulatory regulations and strictly adhere to them.”

Managing director Andreas Leicht adds, “The HACCP certification is testament to our efforts to ensure that our guests enjoy top food safety standards and that the wide range of choices and the way we process our high-quality products is safe.”

HANSA-PARK is now one of the first amusement parks in the world to have been HACCP certified by TÜV SÜD. The certification is another significant milestone for HANSA-PARK!

As early as 2007, HANSA-PARK set new standards in child and family friendliness for German amusement parks when it was awarded the “OK for Kids” quality seal for the entire Park.

HANSA-PARK’s technical safety standards are top too. It is the only amusement park in northern Germany and the second amusement park worldwide that was awarded the “Certified Amusement Park” quality seal in 2004.

Surveillance audits take place at regular intervals to review the two certifications.