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HANSA-PARK Coat of Arms

Our HANSA-PARK Coat of Arms

At the times of the Hanseatic Leagues apps and emoticons were unknown. Instead families, communities and cities had coats of arms that were designed based on predefined rules

… and here is how it is composed:

The tower in the middle of the coat of arms is a rather accurate reproduction of the KÄRNAN in Helsingborg, the eponymous medieval tower of our signature ride “The Oath of KÄRNAN”, which was launched in the 2015 season.

The toothed vertical red-white division of the shield depicts the nettle leaf of Schleswig-Holstein. Schleswig-Holstein is our home, and our coat of arms now also links us to "our" federal state.

The two flags of the crest, typically arranged as "white above red", represent the colours of the Hanseatic League. The same arrangement can be found in the coat of arms of several Hanseatic cities. By contrast, flags in the crest are reminiscent of some coat of arms of the Counts of Holstein.

The coat of arms of many Hanseatic cities depicts a crown. The centre bar, to which the crown is affixed, reminds of the mast of a cog ship (with crow's nest).

And finally: the coat of arms will gradually become visible here in our Park.
But don't worry, we will do it carefully and it will not replace our beloved cog ship but complement it.

HANSA-PARK Coat of Arms