2008: Construction Phase I

Lübeck's Holstentor

The Holstentor is now at HANSA-PARK: it is the start-off of a unique new themed area: "THE HANSEATIC LEAGUE in EUROPE".

The first construction phase has ushered in a new era at HANSA-PARK: a new themed area, larger and more beautiful than anything you’ve ever seen before, is coming up. Its theme is utterly unique, but nothing less is to be expected from Germany’s only event park by the sea, right in the Bay of Lübeck.

When completed, the theme world "THE HANSEATIC LEAGUE in EUROPE" at HANSA-PARK will sweep guests off on a fascinating journey into European history, against the backdrop of imposing architectonical pieces of art and real, authentic-looking buildings.

Among them is, of course, the Holstentor: the famous city gate and symbol of the queen of the HANSEATIC LEAGUE - the Hanseatic city of Lübeck - which is located just 30km away from the park. The unique edifice, built in the first construction phase and reconstructed on a scale of 2 to 3, is about 18m high. On 20th March 2008, it was inaugurated as the new entrance gate to HANSA-PARK and it is both imposing and rich in symbolic meaning. On 26th April 2008, the minister president of the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein officially "unveiled" the famous building in a festive ceremony.