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FAQ - Apprenticeship

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Contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning the apprenticeships or study programmes HANSA-PARK offers. You’ll find the most frequently asked questions and answers here. Do you have more questions? Give us a call!

When can I start my training?

Commercial apprenticeships start in August, craft trade apprenticeships in September every year.

Who will supervise me during my apprenticeship?

During your apprenticeship your supervisor and human resources will accompany and assist you. On top, your superior in the respective specialist department will help and advise you.

Where and when will I need to attend vocational school?

The vocational schools for apprentices in tourism and leisure management usually offer block teaching, in other words you will go to school for a continuous period of 6–8 weeks followed by about 10–12 weeks of practical training at your company. Under other apprenticeship programmes you will attend vocational school on 1-2 days a week.

What comes after I graduate?

We will base on your performance during your apprenticeship and school results achieved to decide if and in what position we will continue to employ you.

We are, unfortunately, not able to guarantee you employment after graduation.

What are the working hours at HANSA-PARK?

During your apprenticeship you will work in various departments, and your working hours depend on the department you are in. However principally you must be willing to work at weekends and on public/bank holidays.

How much will I earn during my apprenticeship?

We will be happy to discuss your apprentice salary with you in an interview.