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Culinary Group Deals

Graue Welle - Hansa-Park

Be it a sumptuous breakfast to start the day, a hearty lunch to refuel or an earthy barbecue at the Trappers’ Camp – HANSA-PARK’s gastronomic services leave nothing to be desired…

Please make your booking at least 2 working days prior to your planned visit at the park All offers apply to groups of 20 or more (unless otherwise stated).

Meal Coupons for Everyone

Kogge und Welle

Insider tip by our group leaders: Get a coupon! They can be redeemed throughout the Park. You can either use them “to pay” for food, drinks and souvenirs or chargeable join-in attractions until the coupon is used up.

Specify the coupon amount you would like to buy. Most guests prefer € 1, € 2, € 5 or € 10 coupons.

Our coupons can be obtained from the Service Centre located in the entrance area and the group box offices. Coupon balances cannot be exchanged for cash.

from € 1 per person

Trapper Barbecue

Kogge und Welle

Available for groups of 10 or more. For young and older adventurists we offer a hearty barbecue at a roofed trapper lodge that accommodates up to 20 persons.

  • Charcoal barbecue incl. charcoal, barbecue lighters and grilling tongs
  • Two types of grill sausages per person, mustard and ketchup
  • Your choice of potato salad or baked potato with sour cream
  • Coleslaw salad and oven-fresh baguette rolls
  • One-way dishes and napkins

Key deposit fee: € 10 (upon returning the key you will of course be reimbursed the deposit money. No other fees will be charged for the reservation of a trapper lodge)

only € 10.90 per person

Add-on Offer:

  • Skewered pork neck steak (160 g) € 3.50
  • Skewered marinated turkey (160 g) € 3.50
  • Corn cob with herb butter € 2.50

Please bear in mind that we only have a limited number of trapper lodges available. We recommend that you book well in advance.

Personalised meal options

Kogge und Welle

On request, our gastronomic department will be happy to prepare personalised group meals to your requirements. Be it breakfast, lunch or coffee & cake - nothing is left to be desired!