Picnic Spots

Ready for a break? Our picnic spots at a glance

  • In the HANSEATIC LEAGUE in EUROPE section next to the historical steam locomotive
  • In the Land of the Vikings, adjacent to the Viking Odin
  • In the Land of the Vikings at the Thingstead, a historical assembly site
  • Next to the Trappers’ Camp, opposite the Pow Wow
  • At the Lumberjacks’ Camp train station, within earshot of the Bears’ Band
  • At the Wild Water Ride


New for 2020: Roanoke

Right next to the Roanoke Water Playground you will soon be able to visit Roanoke, the legendary first European settlement in the USA. The settlement at HANSA-PARK is a beautifully designed, quiet place in the sun to wind down and chill – just as many of our guests requested.