Graue Welle - Hansa-Park

Bruges is the capital and largest city of the province of West Flanders. Of the four trading posts or kontors of the Hanseatic League Bruges was the economically most important one.

Das Haus der Gerber im HANSA-PARK
Grote Markt Nr. 28 + 29 im HANSA-PARK
Ecke Gruuthusestraat im HANSA-PARK

Tanners' Guild House (Brambergstraat near Rozenhoedkaai)

The square in front of the building was mentioned as the tanners’ meeting place as early as 1302. They occupied the largest house on the square, which was also used privately up until the 15th century. At first, the two entrance gates to the square could be closed and locked. However the civil authorities had the gates removed to rein in their rising power. The guild house was built in 1450 and restored in 1630, which is what we see today. Since 1985 the building has been home to a restaurant.

The Markt (Market Square) No. 28+29

The buildings are located around the large market square in Bruges. In 1996 cars were banned from the square. It is known for its medieval-style houses which were later restored in the style of the Hanseatic League. The large belfry - also called Bleifried - is visible from anywhere and dominates the market square.

Corner of Gruuthusesstraat

This building houses part of the Gruuthuse museum. Louis Gruuthuse (1427-1492), also known as Louis of Bruges, was a Flemish nobleman, Prince of Steenhuise and Lord of Gruuthuse.


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