Graue Welle - Hansa-Park

Today the French capital Paris is one of the world’s most important cities. During the times of the Hanseatic League the three German cities of Bremen, Hamburg and Lübeck had joint diplomatic representations at the courts of Europe and joint consulates in major ports that, on behalf of the Hanseatic League, entered into modern trade and shipping contracts in Paris and London.

Hôtel de Vauluisant im HANSA-PARK
Pariser Stadthaus im HANSA-PARK
Cadran Solaire im HANSA-PARK

Hôtel de Vauluisant

The 13th-century building was located at the junction of important north-south and east-west trade routes. In the Middle Ages, from the 9th to the 13th century, one of the country’s largest markets was held there.

City House (Middle Ages)

Building unknown

Cadran Solaire (Rue de l’Abreuvoir 4)

The building is located in Rue de l’Abreuvoir, 18th arrondissement in Paris. Abreuvoir translates as “water jug” or “cattle water trough”. The façade of the building features a sundial.


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