Frankfurt am Main

Graue Welle - Hansa-Park

Though Frankfurt am Main has never been a Hanseatic city, it still played an important role back then because Frankfurt - like Nuremberg - was situated along the Hanseatic League’s central trade routes to southern Europe. Today, Frankfurt is Germany’s fifth-largest city and remains one of the most significant transport hubs in Europe.

Weinstube im Römer (Römerberg 19, Limpurgergasse)

The wine tavern “Weinstube im Römer” is located in the southern section of the town hall complex. It was first mentioned in 1336 and in 1495 it became the meeting point of Patricians who originally owned the building. The city was only able to acquire the building in 1878 after long negotiations. Weinstube im Römer has been serving the wine produced at the city’s winery since 1976.


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